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Oktober 2012

Welcome to this edition of the CAP’EM newsletter.

Oktober 2012, 
The CAP’EM team

5 Questions about the CAP’EM assessment of building materials

Brian Murphy, Greenspec and partner in the project gives the answers
Brian Murphy, Greenspec
1.  Is the CAP’EM method future proof?
On june 2012 we discussed the latest remarks of our experts, Pré Consultants and Renuables. The method will be adapted according to our joint conclusions and the final version will be available in September.  The CAP’EM-method is as future proof as possible today and is in accordance with the latest European norms. The CAP’EM method uses the ILCD-method to assess the environmental impacts of building materials.

2 Are producers interested in testing their materials?
Most producers are quite enthusiastic. They value this extra attention for their products.  They can now substantiate their low environmental impact claims. A few are reluctant in giving the input data about their manufacture, but since we guarantee input secracy whilst diseminating environmental impact results, most of them consent finally.

3. How the results will be accessible for the market
The information will be stored in a easily searchable database on CAPEM website. You just choose what applications  you are looking for and which aspects of environmental design are important to you. You also fill in the country and postcode of the building site where you want to use the building materials. The database will find and compare the materials, which are most suitable for your requirements, on your site . You can choose the  most environment friendly, or the ones that has the least impact in your site’s case. That’s why we don’t give a CAP’EM label: for everyone’s site the results can be different.

4 . How did the CAPEM project go?
We were surprised by the enormous growth in interest during the years of this project, for the environmental impacts of products. Producers can distinguish themselves with environmentally low impact products. The CAP’EM method does make this possible for them, so, even in this economic crisis, there is much interest.

5. A last remark or message
For CAP’EM the end user is the most important client, but the producer’s engagement is also important. Before publishing the results of the CAP’EM method, we always discuss the results with the producer. We give advise on how to make the products better and how to promote their advantages. In that way they can improve their product and potentially its position in the market.

Mailto: or your local CAP’EM partner

Partner Zoom: Agrodome of the Netherlands 
logo Agrodome
The Dutch partner for CAP’EM is Agrodome, seated in Wageningen. This organization promotes the use of building materials which cause as little damage to the environment as possible. Agrodome has efficient solutions for the environmental impact caused by the building sector. It calls the attention of the market for bio based building materials and facilitates the acceptance of these. The main office is settled in a building, build in renewable materials. Renewable materials are biotic raw materials which regenerate in short reproduction cycles (up to 200 years) or which can be obtained from such materials. The organization has an extensive network of enterprises and organizations. It stimulates exchange of knowledge and it develops tools for stakeholders in the building process in narrow collaboration with others for the transition to a responsible ecological building industry. Agrodome brings stakeholders together and stimulates innovative initiatives.
Office Agrodome build with biobased materials

Agrodome has become a partner in CAP’EM. According to its experience it is necessary that for the use of eco materials enterprises have a good process of valuation and a databank of knowledge of eco materials. Agrodome is the lead partner for the communication in CAP’EM.

More information: visit Agrodome's website

Opening new demonstration centres 

The partners are working hard on the demonstration centres.
The first was opened in Kent (see newsletter 2). Now there are two more expositions were CAP’EM can be found; The Theâtre de l’ecoconstruction in Loos-en-Gohelle, France and in the bio based pavilion in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
cd2e The√Ętre de l'ecoconstruction
Opening 'Theâtre de l'ecoconstruction!'
6th September 2012, cd2e, Loos-en-Gohelle - France
Theâtre de l'ecoconstruction is a real showcase of a building sector in full transformation. This exhibition for green building is a unique place in Europe that aims to present eco-materials, their implementation and their specificities.

Theâtre de l'ecoconstruction is to inform architects, consumers and builders about the use of eco-materials, the integration of thermal and environmental performance and implementations to improve the indoor air quality.

Theâtre de l'ecoconstruction informs you about the latest developments of buildings and refurbishement with very low energy consumption.

Opening Bio based pavilion, 19th September 2012
Stichting Agrodome, Innovation Centre for sustainable building, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The bio based pavilion is based on the system of the Flemish artist Frans Mets. This extremely light construction offers a lot of transparency and especially much design freedom the paviljoen is a podium for all biobased building materials which are already available or nearly available.  Part of the pavilion is the CAP’EM wall.

Wall and construction    Opening Pavillion Alderman Alexandra van Huffelen

The opening was done by the alderman of Rotterdam Alexandra van Huffelen (sustainability, town and outdoor space) of the municipality of Rotterdam; Pieter van Essen, project Director Rotterdam Climate Initiative of port of Rotterdam.  Speakers were:-Christoph Maria Ravensloot, Professor innovation construction process and sustainability, Hogeschool Rotterdam-Roel Bol, Director of Biobased Economy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, agriculture and innovation (EL&I)-Els Zijlstra, Director Materia-Daan Bruggink, designer Pavilion.

For more information: visit Agrodome's website or ICDuBo

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VIBE proudly presents their exhibition building!
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