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Develop and promote Eco Construction Materials

The CAP’EM (Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-impacts of Materials) Project is a North-West European programme drawing together the expertise of 11 partner organisations to improve the production, distribution and use of eco-materials.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Develop a shared methodology for the life cycle analysis of the environmental and health impacts of construction materials.
  • Evaluate 100 building materials according to this new methodology, and enable users to classify them according to multiple criteria.
  • Increase the use and knowledge of eco-materials in North-West Europe by engaging with the building industry.
  • Demonstrate the use of eco-materials in new build and renovation contexts, via a network of exhibition centres.

Simple and practical tools for the Construction Industry

The goal of the CAP'EM project is to promote eco-materials and to provide the construction industry with simple and practical tools to support their adoption :

Shared methodology  Define eco-materials.
Evaluate their ecological credentials.
Resource centres and demonstration sites
See eco-materials in use.
Gather performance data.
Web site
Information hub for eco-materials :
case studies, industry news,
training, events...

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