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PRESENTATION: Stichting Agrodome
Saturday, May 23, 2015

This short reportage introduces the Dutch organisation Agrodome, seated in Wageningen. The aim of Agrodome is to improve the building sector by using building materials which cause as little damage to the environment as possible and create a comfortable and healthy indoor climate.
Agrodome carries out lifecycle assessments and helps with innovations for SMEs to create efficient solutions for the reduction of the environmental impact caused by the building sector. It calls the attention of the market to ecological and bio-based building materials and facilitates the acceptance of these. The main office is settled in a building created with renewable materials. In this short introduction Agrodome displays the materials, a production site and a house build with these materials and speaks about the Interreg IVB project CAP’EM.
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Last newsletter CAP’EM project
Thursday, January 08, 2015
The Interreg IVB project Cycle Assessment Procedure for Eco-impacts of Materials (CAP’EM) has come to an end with nice results.

In the final newsletter we present a brief summary of the end results. These results were pre- sented in a special programme during the [avniR] conference in Lille, 6th and 7th November 2014 (see further on in this newsletter).

Our international collaboration in the field of LCA’s, SME’s and expositions will be continued under the name CAPEM. In this way we can capitalize the efforts made in the Interreg IVB programme.
We are represented in France (cd2e), Belgium (VIBE), UK (NGS and Renuables) and in the Netherlands (Agrodome). Don’t hesitate to contact us, addresses can be found on    

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