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For the first time, experts from five European countries join their knowledge to set up a reliable, transparent, regularly updated, easily accessible and filled with technical and practical information to compare building materials. Traditional materials can be compared with eco-materials in a database and users cam review the impact of building materials and construction products on the environment and human health.

The CAP'EM project provides a simplified tool for low cost based on LCA standards to enable them to qualify. Their eco-materials SMB / SME

CAP’EM Compass is an online tool for comparing building products along their environmental performances.

CAP’EM Compass is based on Life Cycle Analysis results of the CAPEM project. It enables the user to:

        >  Find the construction products based on the users preferences

        >  Compare them mutually and to conventional products

        >  Filter the products based on the user’s location

        >  Calculates the ecological footprint and displays the results in a graph for easy understanding.


Click here to go to the CapemCompass on line

Useful Documents:

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