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Missions, objectives
GreenSpec and NGS National Green Specification endeavour to re-educate the UK construction industry at large, design professions in general and Architects and Specifiers in particular, with regard to Environmental & Sustainable Construction.

GreenSpec achieves this through its website

NGS achieves this through active participation in steering groups, technical committees, at conferences, seminars, workshops and exhibitions across the UK, as well as teaching future professionals, from architects to furniture designers; and using its new website.
  • NGS’s aims to become a green building encyclopaedia for construction professionals and public alike, with 1,000,000 page views shortly after only it’s first year. It’s content is developing and amongst many others aims to provide:
  • Jargon Buster, Environmental Checklist for new build and refurbishment, Design Code & Patterns, Defects, Problems, Solutions and Solution Providers
  • Technical information about building products, accessories and systems (Material properties, performance and appropriate applications. etc.)
  • Library of links to books, research papers, policies and strategies
  • Tools including calculators, equations, data sets
  • As the website content expands navigation could become difficult:
    The site is structured like a human brain’s neural networks. So every page knows where every related page is and they are linked in both directions - 
a 3D interface will be developed to find information to avoid any searching.
Role in the CAP'EM project
GreenSpec was involved in WP1-4 and NGS in WP5 & WP6 CAP’EM extension. Brian Murphy provided continuity throughout CAP’EM project.

GreenSpec/NGS bring their considerable technical expertise and formidable network to CAP’EM. will be a major tool for disseminating project results.

Their experience with evaluating materials for inclusion on and will inform Work Package 1: Development of assessment procedure and methodology.

Under Business Support Kent, GreenSpec will lead Work Package 2: Identification and Evaluation of eco-materials. They will collect data about 300 eco-materials and products to short list 100 that work well together as building element assemblies, then help evaluate their “eco” performance using the simplified LCA methodology developed in WP1. The results will be published on as well as the CAP’EM website.

Brian Murphy participates at events and exhibitions across the UK to disseminate.

CAP’EM ambitions and results (Work Package 3) and has designed displays and an innovative sample box to be used by all project partners.

They also provide design advice to both UK partners (BSK and ACORP) with their demonstration centres to be developed under Work Package 4.

Work Package 5 and 6

UK England
Number of people

GreenSpec: 2 persons
NGS National Green Specification : 1 person

Brian Murphy (Founder, Architect, Specification Consultant, Environmental Consultant, Lecturer, Trainer)
Phone: 0044 0 1733 238148
Adres: 91 Oakleigh Drive,
            Orton Longueville, Peterborough,
            PE2 7AR
60,000 visitors/month

100,000 page views/month

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