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Working Groups

The CAP'EM project is structured in four Working Groups.

Working Group 1 will establish a shared definition for ecological building materials and develop an evaluation method for them, based on simplified life cycle assessment (LCA) methods and existing scientific databases.
The evaluation method will be scientifically sound and affordable for SME’s in North West Europe.
A selection of 30 materials will be used to test and evaluate this method.
Working Group 1 is led by VIBE (B).

Working Group 2 will evaluate 150 building materials readily available in North West Europe using the simplified LCA tool developed in WP1.
Activities under Work Package 2 will make use of, and further refine the evaluation software developed in WP1. 150 building materials will be selected from across North West Europe to be assessed (including at least 100 eco-materials). This process will ensure that the procedure, the assessment methodology and the software are both scientifically robust and realistic, notably regarding the amount and quality of data required to undertake the evaluation. The results will provide an invaluable database of information for end users of building materials, enabling them to make informed choices.
Working Group 2 is led by BSK-CiC (UK).

Under Working Group 3, we will disseminate information on the methodology, tools and evaluated eco-materials towards professional audiences in the building construction sector.
External communication aims to build understanding of the project’s objectives and actions among professionals in (a) the participating regions, to foster active backup and participation during the project, and (b) the wider EU community, to establish awareness of the project, its innovative character, its tangible results, continuing effects and enlarged market opportunities.
This website is the hub of this activity, delivering information and evaluation opportunities for eco-designed materials and eco-construction strategies, exhibition events, design training sessions and media coverage.
Working Group 3 is led by Stichting Agrodome (NL).

Working Group 4 will develop a network of exhibition centres to demonstrate the use of eco-materials, both in new build and renovation, to targeted audiences across North West Europe
The exhibition centres will be created by each project partner in their respective regions. The majority of these centres are being developed within the context of a significant new build or renovation project using eco-construction techniques.
This will raise awareness among end-users and building professionals alike, increasing demand for eco-materials.
Working Group 4 is led by HWK Münster (D).

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