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Management Structure

The CAP'EM management structure aims to optimise the expertise of each partner, whilst effectively delivering  transnational results.

The Lead Partner CD2E's project management team carries out all project and financial management actions.

The Project Partners are responsible for delivering their activities and report to the Lead Partner.

The project is divided into four working groups:
  • Working Group 1 will develop an evaluation method for ecological building materials, based on simplified life cycle assessment (LCA) methods
  • Working Group 2 will evaluate 150 building materials using the method developed in WP1
  • Working Group 3 aims to disseminate CAP’EM’s methods, tools and results to encourage take up of eco materials in the building construction sector
  • Working Group 4 will develop a network of demonstration centres for eco-materials across North West Europe
Each working group meets at least twice a year to exchange and progress joint actions. Each working group is coordinated by one Regional Project Partner.
Project Management Structure

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