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Technical Partners

PRé Consultants (The Netherlands)
Expert in sustainability metrics

We are dedicated to making a positive change in the world by providing businesses with the tools, knowledge and network to develop sustainable products, services and policies. PRé is the metrics solutions partner for first-movers in the industry that seek to create business value from sustainable products. We share 20 years of experience in Life Cycle thinking. Based on this experience, PRé’s role is to design and develop the CAP'EM tool which will allow end users to calculate and compare the environmental impacts of construction products delivered to their building site. This includes recommending the best practice for the calculation and display of LCA results.

GreenDelta (Germany)

Tools & Consulting for sustainability

GreenDelta (before October 15 2012: GreenDeltaTC) is an independent sustainability consulting and software company located in Berlin, Germany, founded in 2004 as a capital company. We provide internationally-leading services that cover all aspects of software and consulting in sustainability.

Our claim is "the art of sustainability consulting". We combine professional, skilled, agile software development, preferably but not only in the open source domain, with profound expertise in Life Cycle Assessment, Social Life Cycle Assessment, Life Cycle Costing, data management, and data quality assurance.

GreenDelta,, develops and implements the CAP’EM compass software.

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